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 Queen has lost 25lbs in 3 weeks! Will you join her?

Queen has lost 25lbs in 3 weeks! Will you join her?

Hi! I’m Queen and I am the founder of Queen’s Wellness Detox. In 2009, I started The Beauty Bar Health & Wellness Studio. Our focus was all natural hair, skincare and weight loss products. In the first 12 weeks of owning The Beauty Bar I lost 60 lbs using our products. As our popularity grew, I began to travel and speak and didn’t continue my journey. In August, I began to slow down and decided it was time to really put my focus on my passion which is true wellness! I started taking our detox product and in 3 weeks I have lost 25lbs and am still losing.

Queen’s Detox is an all natural detox supplement. Taken once per day, you will find yourself losing 1-2lbs per day. I must admit, I haven’t worked out at all! As a matter of fact, its not necessary to diet or exercise with Queen’s Detox, though it does help.

The hardest part for me with this product is eating! This is not a product where you starve yourself, eating is a must! The foods you eat activates the pills detox abilities thus removing the toxins from your body and burning fat!

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Testimonial from 2009 when we were still The Beauty Bar!